Safe and effective energy saving gas solutions for homes and businesses in Portsmouth.

In each household more than half the money spent on fuel goes towards providing heating and hot water. With the cost of fuel rising it is important that your heating system is efficient and cost effective, and in addition to this reduces your carbon dioxide emissions.

JPH Plumbing & Heating Ltd offer a wide range of professional energy efficient gas solutions to fit all requirements. Read more here or get in touch today for a free consultation.

Energy efficient gas in Portsmouth

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Step 1

We’ll start with replacing your old boiler with a newer more energy-efficient model

Step 2

Fit controls that you can use to ensure you are providing heat where and when you need it

Step 3

Make any insulation & draught proofing improvements which will help further improve efficiency

Step 4

Maintain checks and services on your boiler to keep a healthy and efficient heating system

Energy efficient gas in Portsmouth

Knowing what you currently use for your heating system will help you make the necessary choices to be more energy efficient going forward. Most homes use central heating system with radiator and boiler or they use electric storage heaters.

Central heating is the most common form of heating your home in the UK. Through your boiler, water is heated and pumped through pipes to the radiators around your property and provides hot water in your kitchen and bathroom taps.

This is often run on gas but when gas is not available the boiler can run on oil, LPG tank gas, wood or coal. Gas is usually the cheapest and has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions, aside from wood.

Electric heating is another home heating system that isn’t provided by gas. These heat up other night using electricity and give out heat in the day. This heating system is more common in flats, rented property and in homes with no gas supply. It is expensive and does emit more carbon dioxide then most systems. It is also harder to control electric storage heaters then radiators.

Using individual heaters such as portable electric heaters or fixed gas fires can help heat one space for a limited time. This can help avoid over heating spaces that do not need to be heated however modern central heating systems are usually more efficient than individual heaters. Just something to be mindful about.

Energy efficient gas in Portsmouth